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About Us


Sante venturato started his small business in 1983. Years of care and efforts led to a significant growth of its staff and sales so the company moved to a bigger property place in the town of Stanghella.

Vemec was founded in 2006 and the following year it became industry.

Today, with 32 employees. It is one of the leading companies in the sector of pipes  and stainless steel plate processing.

Now Vemec is led by Matteo, Sante’s  son, to keep the autenthicity and the reliability  of a family business.

The warranty of a quality product is guaranteed by more than 30 years of experience in the field and by mantaining  a production typical of craftmen.

Thanks to its internal planning studio, Vemec  provides a full service, from  design to shipping, aiming to be not only a supplier, but also an advisor for its customers.

Nowadays, 90% of Vemec production is made for third parties, working for some of the most important companies of the catering  sector and the large-scale industry .

The constant training of the staff, and the updating of the equipment, by also keeping an eye on the environmental impact, make Vemec  one of the most interesting example of industrial success in the North of Italy.

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